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Logo and Branding Design

It is estimated that on average we see between 3000 and 5000 advertisements per day. We don't even notice when we see one, however in that one instant that you see a logo that you recognize, it reminds you of the products that they are selling. It takes on average 5 to 8 times to commit a logo to memory, so it’s imperative to have a well-designed logo that represents you, your business and what you stand for. Having a great logo that provides a brand identity helps implant your business in the minds of your potential customers. That is what a great logo is meant to do.

Wendy K Johnson is a 20+ award winning graphic designer, with 7 of her awards in logo and branding design. In addition to all of her awards, she has been designing logos for clients since 1995. Put her skills to work for you and your business by inquiring about how to get your award winning logo designed. Magnify Your Potential.

Just as your personal appearance is important to you, your logo should be as important to your business. A great logo will attract your customers' attention and cement your design in their mind, so when they are ready to buy they think of you first. Your logo is the basis for the design of all of your future visual communications, from your business cards to your website. Creating a consistent design will get your business noticed quicker!

Think about how many logos and advertisements you saw today. Do you purchase any of those products? Does their logo stand out to you? When you are in the market to buy a product does that company come to the forefront of your mind? Is there something about the logo that conveys quality, customer service, dependability or loyalty? Did you know that having a symbol or icon makes your logo 60% more recognizable than color or type?  Think about Nike, does the “swoosh” come to mind?  Symbols are the earliest form of communication. 

The logos that Wendy K Johnson Design creates are completely unique to your business. None of the logos are the same. Her process is to understand you, your business, your customers, and your competition to design the best possible logo that meets your needs and business challenges.

Our goal is to have your logo stand out above all of your competitors and motivate your potential customers to choose your business. How do you want your customers to view you? Whether you have an existing business or are just starting your company, we can help you make a difference.

How do you want your customers to view your company? Whether you have an existing business or are just starting out, We can help. Satisfying you is our goal.

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We are very excited to annouce that we are a 2012 Logo Lounge Trend Setter!

Our logos have also been featured in two GD USA magazines, one in 2011 and one in Spring 2012.